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Herpetic stomatitis: causes, treatment. How to recognize in the early stages and how to overcome the disease. More details.

Ventolin: concept, reasons. Treatment of abfactions. Among the many symptoms and signs of dysfunction, TMJ abfractions (wedge-shaped defects, defects of non-carious origin in the cervical region of the teeth) are still the subject of discussion in terms of their etiology. More details.

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Allergic stomatitis. The root cause of allergic stomatitis is drug allergy. The second factor in the development of stomatitis, dentists note the contact of the allergen with the oral mucosa. More details.




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Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis Necrotic ulcerative form of gingivitis is characterized by the presence of necrosis of the gingival papillae with a predominance of pathologies in the periodontal tissues.

The prevalence of the disease is due to the rapid progression and wide range of inflammation predispositions. More details. Fiberglass posts: tooth restoration with fiber posts, manufacturing steps. It is possible to increase the mechanical parameters of the tooth and reduce the risk of root texture after endodontic treatment with the help of additional materials with the modulus of elasticity closest to that of the preserved dentin. These include, for example, fiber posts.

Herpetic stomatitis Viral diseases of the oral cavity occupy a fairly high percentage of occurrence in the practice of a dentist. More details. Teeth whitening with the ZOOM system. The benefits of this kind of whitening. Application of Albuterol system and contraindications for patients. More details. Whitening air flow. This teeth whitening technique consists in the use of an ultrasound apparatus. How the nuances need to be taken into account when applying will be discussed in our article. More details.

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Features of dental treatment for pregnant and lactating women. Pregnant and lactating patients represent a special risk group due to the unusual psychophysiological nature of these periods of life in women. The use of anchors in endodontic dental treatment. Albuterol For a long time, gold anchors were used to restore the crown part of the tooth after endodontic dental treatment. More details.


Principles of treatment for lichen planus. Lichen planus is quite common in the practice of a dentist. In the oral cavity, lichen planus appears as "pearlescent" or whitish papules of dense consistency. Wedge-shaped defect. Most often, the disease "wedge-shaped defect" manifests itself already in old age, but the initial signs appear even in the young. Dental treatment using a laser device. Today's dentistry has in its arsenal laser devices with computer and automated control "Optodan" and "Lancet". Treatment of teeth with increased dentin sensitivity. In 1980, Branst conducted numerous experiments in which he demonstrated the movement of fluid in dentin in response to painful irritation of the tooth.

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This article discusses the hypotheses of the origin of abfraction defects, provides a comparative characteristic of the clinical manifestations of abfraction and wedge-shaped defect, characterizes the relationship between abfraction and wedge-shaped defect, analyzes the relationship between the frequency of occurrence of abfraction and age according to the literature, and considers methods of treating abfraction defects.

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Rizakhanova G.M. - 4th year student of the Faculty of Dentistry of S. IN AND. Razumovsky Scientific adviser: Assistant of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, Ph.D. Petrova A.P.
Pathogenetic and clinical aspects of ventolin abfraction.
Introduction. Currently, there are many opinions about the origin of abfraction defects, and this issue is not fully understood. This topic generates a lot of controversy and questions among different scientists and doctors, so it requires more attention.

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